Odor Removal Services

Some cleaning jobs are harder than others. Getting rid of strong, lingering smells is one of them. If something in your home or business is causing an unpleasant odor in the air, contact Clear View Cleaning as soon as possible for professional odor removal. We stamp out tough smells with our odor removal services, leaving your carpets, upholstery, and interior areas smelling fresh. You don’t want to mask bothersome odors like smoke or mildew by dousing them with spray-on fragrances. For odor removal service that identifies the source of the problem and eliminates the offending smell, call or e-mail us today!

Clear View Cleaning - Odor RemovalAs one of the York area’s most experienced odor removal companies, Clear View Cleaning is ready to help with a full range of odor removal services, including:

  • Dog odor removal
  • Cat odor removal
  • Urine odor removal
  • Smoke smell removal
  • Cigarette odor removal
  • Mold odor removal
  • And more!

Once these types of smells have settled in, it takes serious cleaning power to lift them out and remove the odor. That’s why you need the odor removal service of Clear View Cleaning to knock out annoying odors and freshen your indoor air. From our musty odor removal to our smoke cleaning services, you can count on our family-owned cleaning company to tackle those stubborn smells no one wants to breathe. Even skunks and cigarette smoke are no match for our professional odor removal methods. We’re your full-service cleaning specialists for pet odor carpet cleaning, smoke cleaning services, and many other kinds of commercial and home odor removal.

Safe, Effective Odor Removal Service

When you turn to Clear View Cleaning for odor removal service, you can feel confident that we have the training and techniques to wipe out stinky conditions, whatever they may be. We use safe, effective ozone generators and heavy-duty deodorants to rid your rooms of odors, and we customize each cleaning plan to answer your precise needs for business or house odor removal. Instead of simply covering up odors for your short-term satisfaction, we’ll actually pinpoint the origin of the odor problem and penetrate the surface to extract the smell. After our odor removal services are through, you’ll have a clean environment without a whiff of the earlier smell.

Is it mold that’s causing your odor problem? If it is, Clear View Cleaning will go above and beyond to take care of the mold as well as the leaky water issue, so the smell will be gone for good. Don’t trust your persistent odors to less experienced odor removal companies. Call us in York today for your free estimate and prompt appointment. The longer you wait to get commercial or home odor removal service, the worse it’s likely to smell!

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  • Mold Smell Removal
  • Odor Control
For complete cleaning services in York, Clear View Cleaning is the professional to call. We offer fast and affordable window cleaning, gutter cleaning, carpet cleaning, and much more for both residential and commercial properties. No matter what kind of mess you’re dealing with, we’re your one-stop shop for professional cleaning service.



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